New To Williston

Las Vegas-20120504-00325 (4)  Hello Williston!  To know me is to love me and hope you feel as though you are part of my hair family.  I often feel that a stylist is as close to you as your doctor.  I will be an  addition to your community with providing hair and skin services, however this platform will be thoughts, ideas and helpful suggestions about your hair, skin and nails.  I will also share some secrets on how you can get the most out of your hairs’ performance.  I have been a highly trained professional  for over 18 years using various cutting techniques (pivot point) and was an instructor for 2 years; also a Stylist to a few celebrities. I continue to stay with the changing trends  and offer the best possible hair care service to all my clients.  It has been a blessing to have owned 1 salon  in Ohio and 4 in Colorado over the past 10 years which were highly successful.  Fades and high and tights are in my comfort zone as I worked for a military installation in Southern California and also trained my students in the art of clipper cutting.  My training and continued education has been in Las Vegas, Nv but have also attended Paul Mitchell classes for additional cutting techniques.  Well, now that I have gotten this out-of-the-way, please enjoy my blog and even though I take my profession seriously and have a strong passion for what I do, I also have a goofy side, so feel free to laugh at my occasional silliness.

I love the feel of the islands and tropical surroundings, so with growing up in Southern California, I always feel my toes wiggling in the warm sand on a sunny day no matter where I am and of course a day at the beach can’t be without the music of the “Beach Boys”   Well, if you can’t get to the beach, I will bring it to you! (the feel of it that is)




“He is able who thinks he is able.” ~Buddha